Board rules

This forum is provided free of charge by The 289 Register for the purpose of helping Cobra, Ace and Daytona enthusiasts with their cars - whether original or replica.

On this forum there is no such thing as a dumb question, so please show respect to other posters at all times. Another person’s writing style will be different from your own, so what they write is not necessarily intended in the way you receive it. If something has upset you, take a break from the computer and write your reply tomorrow - you may see things in a different light. Our forum is an inclusive one which is collaborative and supportive in nature.

Anyone who submits material that breaks these rules or abuses the system, may be banned from contributing in the future and could be reported to the authorities. Club Members must additionally adhere to the rules in The 289 Register’s Constitution, which can be found on the Members Area of

Please report breaches of these rules to us by clicking the exclamation mark at the top-right of the offending post.

When using The 289 Register’s forum, please adhere to the following House Rules. You must not post anything that:

  1. General Rules

    1. Contains personal details (yours or someone else’s, photographic or textual). #
    2. Contains denigrating imagery, is racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, abusive or encourages or condones criminal, illegal or immoral behaviour. #
    3. Breaks the law, or encourages breaking the law. This includes libel, contempt of court and breach of copyright. #
    4. Contains crude, rude or disreputable imagery or statements not suitable for all age groups. #
    5. Trolls or harasses other members. #
    6. Makes unfounded or unproven allegations against a person, organisation or group. #
    7. Contains images of another person[s] that you have submitted without obtaining that person's consent. If done by accident, you should remove images at that person's request or at the request of the moderators. #
    8. Spams the service with content that is junk, commercial advertising, or contains links to other websites containing illegal or offensive material. #
    9. Repetitively or continuously repeat complaints. #
    10. Pretends to be anyone else but you. #
  2. Technical Rules

    1. Do not give advice that could be dangerous or result in injury. A degree of risk is inherent in this hobby, but advice on potentially high risk activity (e.g. modifying steering or brakes) should be accompanied by a recommendation to consider getting the work done by a professional. #
    2. When taking the advice of others, it is your responsibility to take all reasonable safety precautions. The advice-giver has no understanding of your technical capability and cannot be held responsible for incidents that may occur. Likewise, The 289 Register and its officers cannot be held responsible. #
    3. We do not permit the selling of car identities on the forum. Selling of a V5 must be accompanied by the donor vehicle to which it relates. #
    4. Do not request or offer an 'IVA Kit', or provide ways to circumvent IVA requirements. #
    5. Do not make public comments about the provenance or quality of any car, however justified, ​which could jeopardise the sale of that car or reduce its market value. #