Greyhound restoration video

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Greyhound restoration video

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Re: Greyhound restoration video

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Mute button essential.
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Re: Greyhound restoration video

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CobStang wrote: Wed Apr 28, 2021 10:20 am Mute button essential.
There’s a basic misunderstanding of the use/function of music in most of the videos I see on YouTube. I’d far rather they were mute or had original sound on.

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Re: Greyhound restoration video

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If anyone tells you “Oh yes, it based on a stretched Aceca chassis”, you can reply
“Oh no it isn’t!”
The Greyhound is (in my opinion) the most ‘AC’ AC of the post-war era, possibly ever, using very few common parts to other AC’s and minimal raiding of other company’s parts bins!
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