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Post by David_W »

Hi all,

Although I've posted on the forum a few times, I've just joined as a paid up member, so I thought I'd better introduce myself. I've met some of you over the years, mostly at the Silverstone Classic, but also other car events.

I'm David and I recently moved down to Wiltshire after living all of my life in West London and South Bucks. The good thing is, I now have plenty of space for cars. I have a few, but my daily is a Crossfire and my weekend fun is a current Mustang GT. I also have a MkII Zephyr and my wife has two MGBs.

I've been into 289 Cobras for a few years and first met Gerry in 2016. My main interest is the really early road cars, whether a CSX or COB clone. I'll keep it subtle, not too much bling unless it had it back in the day. I was lucky to see CSX2000 a couple of years back after I stopped by Shelby American while at a conference, so that is my main inspiration.

I work in broadcasting and am getting close to early retirement, which is why I'm starting to plan my car build. I just went on the waiting list that feeds into the Hawk order book. Hawk's books are full with two year's worth of orders and I'm about number 12 on the feeder list, so it will be three years unless people drop out when it comes to paying a deposit (fingers crossed).

We already have the donor, which is a '72 MGB my wife Kathy has owned for 40 years. It's body is beyond repair, so this is a way of breathing new life into it. Kathy doesn't mind, as she also has a very clean '66 MGB. I'm hoping my eldest daughter will get involved with the build, as she's an F1 engineer and owns a '67 Mustang (with a 289 of course!)

I'm working my way through all the resources on the Forum and website which is very impressive. Stuart's story of his build is great! No doubt I'll be posting many questions though!

One quick question. What is the Flash? I've seen it mentioned but can't see any links on the forum or Social apps.

Looking forward to meeting more of you.

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Post by peterc »

Hi David,
Firstly welcome as a 289 club member.
I’m envious of your space for more cars.
The flash is a monthly news letter update which gets sent out electronically.
It’s possible you might have just missed one. The Sept flash was issued on the 1st.
I suggest you email John Coward to get a copy now you are a member.
Peter C
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Post by StewbieC »

Hi David, welcome aboard.
I saw that you'd signed up as a paid up member. I was going to post your welcome pack out on Friday but the water board decided to close the road between me and the post office so you'll have a wee wait It's in the car ready. As Peter says the Flash is an additional monthly electronic note that gets mailed out to full members. Check out the members area on the website. There's a fair bit of additional info including past newsletters, technical info and a members map.
All the best and catch you soon.
Hawk 289, 66 Mustang Fastback with a 289 maximum smiles per mile..
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