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Learning CAD and CNC

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 8:33 pm
by amulheirn
Just putting this out there in case anyone is interested. I've long been fascinated with how people machine metal, and there's always something interesting to inspect when you go to Gerry's shop. Unfortunately I never had the interest at school so metalwork classes were passed up for woodwork instead. Being an IT person, I'm quite interested in anything that isn't IT, so I started looking into how i could teach myself some of this stuff. Since we've got some enforced time at home these days, it might be a good opportunity.

Anyway, I came across this website:

Its American, but they have an academy that seems to offer video tuition on making various parts - starting at the CAD stage, then programming the part up for CNC machining, milling it, and finally checking it over. Of course I don't have a machine yet, but there are places online that you can send your designs to get manufactured. The Fusion 360 software is free for personal use and I found it really easy to follow along with the video for the first part. I imagine this could be used to drive a 3D printer or whatever too.

Would be interested in hearing other people's experiences with this if you give it a try!