Orange indicators

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Re: Orange indicators

Post by clive »

If you have front indicators like these on an original 260, you can fit orange lacquered bulbs which are obtainable from S-V-C.

Cheers, Clive.

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Re: Orange indicators

Post by cobraboy »

I have the clear front indicator lenses with orange bulbs, also the rectangular L542 rear lights, which I have removed the reflector lens with a dremmel and inset an amber lens cut from another light, there are two bulbs mounted behind the light. I then have a small round reflector mounted behind the loop of the rear nudge bar on the body, it all looks like it was meant to be.

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Re: Orange indicators

Post by frats289 »

That's exactly what I've got Clive but the bulbs are twin fillament, side and indicator.

Very inventive Cobraboy but I don't want to cut up genuine Lucas L542 lamps, it took me long enough to find them!

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