Antifreeze for Aluminum engines

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Antifreeze for Aluminum engines

Post by peterc »

This query is primarily aimed at those who have a Rover lump under the bonnet.
I have for years used blue coloured Ethylene Glycol which is I believe more suited for older engines.
I recently ordered Bluecol Ethylene Glycol and when it arrived it was red not blue!
Checking that it definitely stated it was Ethylene Glycol and not OAT I duly mixed and poured it in.
Unfortunately I need some more unless I dilute accordiingly circa 40% in lieu of 50%?. I have some blue EG in stock but believe it should not be mixed even if they are both EG.
Reading the web it suggests red antifreeze is wrong but I do not know if the people posting these comments are fully aware of the options on the market eg red is normally OAT.
I am therefore trying to decide whether to flush out the red and start again with blue or buy more red?
The advantage of what I have bought is good for 5 years rather than the 2 years for most blue EG.
I have an enquiry in with Bluecol but they are a bit slow to respond.
Comments please.
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Re: Antifreeze for Aluminum engines

Post by ianm »

For peace of mind and after all your work I would ditch what you have put in and fill with blue ethylene glycol.
I buy mine from the local motor factor and use it neat. After 15 years it still comes out pretty clean looking when I change it every couple of years or so. Hope this helps.
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