Rear Leaf Springs

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Re: Rear Leaf Springs

Post by stu60 »


anyone have any information/ideas please?
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Re: Rear Leaf Springs

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As far as my limited knowledge goes, Hawks have always used AHT20 variants. When I last spoke to Gerry, he had chased the suppliers for new a batch that were going to be AHT20A (don't ask me what the difference is!) which was scheduled to arrive right at the end of June. So if you get on the waiting list soon you might not have long to wait!
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Re: Rear Leaf Springs

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Hi all,

I'm up to this bit now as well. Gerry told me CHAT20 or AHCT20 (those being two names for the same thing, we believe). The closest I can find are AHT20Z from Moss Europe. I know we are basically trying to lower the back end to make the body sit better (i.e. its primarily aesthetic) so I suspect anything that lowers the back the right amount will achieve the purpose. The AHT20Z lower by 2.5" and there seem to be others that lower by 1" (none with a part number anything like CHAT20 or similar, though). Moss has a couple of alternatives to lower by 2.5", both classified as "Competition" grade whereas the AHT20Z is classified as "Fast Road". Based on all of that, I'm sufficiently confident these AHT20Z's are what I need - I will let you know if I have any problems!
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Dave Woodward
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Re: Rear Leaf Springs

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If anybody is interested I still have a set of leaf springs from my days with an MG rear. I ultimately changed to IRS but still have the original leaf springs if they are of use to anybody.

Not sure how I’d identify the ID but they are as supplied by Gerry originally.
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Re: Rear Leaf Springs

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Hi Dave - I have dropped you a PM ref the springs if they are still available...
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Re: Rear Leaf Springs

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On my BRA which I completed in 1989 I "messed about" with different rear springs for a few years trying to get the ride height correct AND to stop the springs bottoming out.

I eventually took it to a local (in the Black Country) spring expert.

He looked at the car (without looking under it) and said, "I can fix that mate, get the springs off and bring em here".

I did that, picked them up a week later, gave him the £50 he asked for and put them on the back of the car. Twenty or so years later they are still on the car with all problems solved.

There is always a way.

David Large
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