MGB Stub Axles.. new v's old

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Re: MGB Stub Axles.. new v's old

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It took me an hour to pull the grease cap out (in many parts) , completely seized in there.
Lower pivot bolt was the same, had to heat the lower trunion up really hot and bash really hard to get it out, the bush came out with the bolt as one unit never to be separated again.
There isn't any play in the first stub axle , it must have been the wheel bearing, I've pumped some fresh grease in and they feel quite good actually.
The spring in the centre section is falling to bits so might need to change that and the exposed top threads of the kingpin are corroded beyond recognition so I don't want to take the pin out.
Brought back some memories of being 24 and having a chrome bumper MGB GT and not being able to afford to fix it and keep it running with a new born baby. I've still got my Haynes manual from 26yrs ago!
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Re: MGB Stub Axles.. new v's old

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clive wrote: Wed Nov 25, 2020 7:38 pm Not the easiest of bearings to set up, but there are plenty of videos showing how to adjust the end float using shims. One thing you want to avoid is the modern way of torquing up the nut and easing off a flat on the nut.
Absolutely 100% with you on this. We bought the car with 2,500 miles on it, and only had about 900 miles of driving when this happened!
There were no shims fitted, and the wrong size Split pin allowed the nut to fidget and eventually tighten onto the bearing. It was a relief that Mum was driving at 30mph on a straight road when it let go, and not when I was hurling around a bend! 😵

Replacement set from RUGBY CLASSICS appear to be OE-spec quality:
Setting up with a dti to set correct end float has given 15,000 miles+ with no appreciable increase in play:
I would recommend setting with everything ‘dry’, then fully greasing afterwards.
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