Inside Boot hinges for BRA

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Inside Boot hinges for BRA

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On modifying my BRA I want to convert the existing outside hinges on the boot and bonnet to inside hinges. I can not seem to find boot hinges that I am sure of will fit, does anyone have experience on this?

I am not sure if for instance I can use hinges used by Hawk. The fuel tank is mounted just behind the passenger seat, there is some room left for hinges to slide under the body behind the passenger but nog too much. Something like this might fit: ... /prd31.htm
or alternatively I was looking at for instance MGB hinges like these: ... mgb-links/

For boot bonnet I think I can probably use hinges from Dax, these use a horizontal bar which can be mounted to the inside front fenders. Also see:
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Re: Inside Boot hinges for BRA

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If you speak to Anthony at Crendon replicas he might let you have a Crendon boot hinge set.
These mount via a horizontal bar that is fixed fairly highand out of sight to the inside rear inner wings - the semicircular boot hinge arms then swing up from this.
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Re: Inside Boot hinges for BRA

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Maybe better with a link: ... &start=150
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