Moroso Accumulator. No:- 23901

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Moroso Accumulator. No:- 23901

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A New & unused 1 ½ quart accumulator for sale.

The Accumulator connects to the pressure side of an engine's oiling system. When the engine is running, oil pressure forces reserve oil into the accumulator & compresses the air on the other side of the diaphram. If oil pressure should suddenly drop due to hard acceleration/braking or severe cornering, air pressure immediately sends oil to the main galleries. When danger passes & the pump is once again primed with oil, oil pressure forces oil back into the Accumulator to prepare for the next emergency. Moroso Accumulators can also manually pre-lube engines before start-up to prevent cold-start scuffing and premature bearing wear.
• Aluminum Construction
• 710-23901 and 710-23900: For Street and Track
• Cold Start Valve Releases Oil into Cold Engine to Reduce Bearing Wear
• Air Pressure Gauge Verifies that Accumulator Is Ready for Use
• Manual Ball Valve (Unlike competing models)
• Tapped for 1/2" NPT Fitting
Comes complete with a pair of Moroso accumulator mounting brackets. No:- 23920.

£150 Postage:- Hermes. £10-00p.

Anyone interested e mail:-

Still looking for the last open road.
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