HiPo 289 engine parts

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HiPo 289 engine parts

Post by CobStang » Fri Mar 12, 2021 2:00 pm

A friend of mine has just sold his '66 GT350 and as a result is clearing his spares. He has just told me he has a pair of 65-66 (dates to be confirmed)
289 HiPo cylinder heads he wishes to let go.

I myself having sold my '65 K code GT Mustang a couple of years ago have a set of HiPo rods with forged pistons and an early thick HiPo crank balancer that I would let go.
I also have a cast HiPo water pump impellor (new) that can be fitted to a rebuilt waterpump.

If anyone is collecting parts for a 289 HiPo build then this is an excellent start.

I realise we have to quote a price here, but we are not sure where to go with this. US prices in dollars are @ $2k for a pair of heads, and @$1k for rods.
plus shipping, taxes, and VAT to get them here - if you can locate any ! They are getting rarer and harder to find.
So lets start at £2.5k and see .......

Please PM me here for more info, thanks.

Both heads with matched dates = 5L4 1965 November 4th

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