Donor MGB and Rover V8 Engine/Gearbox for sale.

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Donor MGB and Rover V8 Engine/Gearbox for sale.

Post by bevan »

My local garage proprietor has the following major items for sale. Ideal for anyone intending to build a Hawk 289.
1967 MGB Roadster complete rolling shell, together with spare wire wheel axle.
Rover V8 3.5 litre engine complete with LT77 gearbox and Weber 4 barrel carburettor.

For more information speak to Michael Cleverley on 01379 384046 or email

Michael has previously owned a Hawk Cobra and is very knowledgeable on matters technical. His garage is based near Eye in Suffolk.
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Re: Donor MGB and Rover V8 Engine/Gearbox for sale.

Post by agnoraan »

You might need to be careful with this.
When a car that is in the historic class changes hands, the DVLA can send out a company called SGS to inspect the car BEFORE they will issue the new owner with a V5c. The car has to be already on the road or almost roadworthy, ie a complete car requiring very minor work to gain an mot, before they will issue the V5c. If SGS believe the car does not meet that criteria, a V5c will not be issued. It's just the luck of the draw as to whether the car will need to be inspected. I know of a few people, who have bought a "bitsa" car as a donor, only to find they cant get it registered. The aim behind this is to ensure that vehicles identities are not being cloned, and that the vehicle in question is what it purports to be.
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