Helper Springs for Jag IRS

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Dave Woodward
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Re: Helper Springs for Jag IRS

Post by Dave Woodward »

No. The whole problem is that the springs are too short. To lower the car you have to wind back the bottom stop on the shock. Eventually you wind it down to the point that the spring is no longer held firmly between the bottom stop and the top spring retainer. Therefore under full droop the spring comes loose.

The helper spring sits on the end of the main spring, effectively extending its length so that on full droop the main spring remains seated.

Therefore you either need a helper spring or a longer main spring.

Putting a shorter spring in will certainly lower the car but you amplify the issue on full droop.
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Re: Helper Springs for Jag IRS

Post by clive »

40,000 miles of driving and I've never had an issue with the springs Gerry supplied. 😕
Cheers, Clive.

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Re: Helper Springs for Jag IRS

Post by kdavies3 »

Thinking about Dave, you are of course correct.
Shorter springs would indeed lower the car but amplify the issue at full droop.
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