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Re: Engine stand

Post by willsie01 »

StewbieC wrote:Hi John,

I've got a couple of bits left over from my 289 build that you may be interested in like an unused Chrome alternator bracket and a chrome dipstick and tube both still in the packaging. If you are interested let me know and I'll knock up a list
Yes Stu, I'll be interested in a list.
And anything else anyone may have that may be of use.
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Re: Engine stand

Post by StewbieC »

I've mailed you the list.

Hawk 289, 66 Mustang Fastback with a 289 maximum smiles per mile..

Engine stand

Post by Nemwhets »

no, the guy i was buying the engine off of sold me the stand as well.

the ones at harbor fraight actually look a littler beefier though.

you in the market?

ill be done with this one pretty soon
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