Ultra Low Emissions Zone

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Ultra Low Emissions Zone

Post by DavidA » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:02 pm

I am pleased to see the T289R is becoming an active member of the FBHVC.
You have probably heard about the ULEZ and may be thinking it will not have many consequences for those living outside London.
The gist of it is that the Mayor is proposing to extend the area in October 2021 to include everywhere inside the North and South Circular roads .From this date if you use a petrol car that does not meet Euro 4 (generally built after 2005) you have to pay £12.50 each day you use the car. if you live in the area there does not seem to be any exemption.
I dialled in the registrations of our cars and found the BRA exempt because it is an Historic Vehicle (ok let’s not go there)
Also the Mg Ztt 260 (new old stock when I bought it in 2006) is somehow compliant-must have squeaked in. However the old golf and polo used by my son and daughter both of whom live in the extended area get copped for £12.50 charge. This is mildly annoying as we were proposing to run the golf for another few years.
This got me thinking and I believe if enacted
1/ Thousands if not millions of thousands of cars will be prematurely scrapped - what will this do for for the environment? Manufacturers will obviously be all in favour. Retro fitting parts to reduce emissions seems to be actively discouraged .
2/ A lot of carers, nursing assistants and other key workers who cannot use public transport will be affected - they won’t have budgeted for a new car and may be sucked into debt.
3/ The value of newer classics - 90’s Mercs, Cosworths, Minis etc is bound to be adversely affected - and not just in London-think of the cars at Silverstone!
4/ It won’t be long before Euro 5 becomes the standard
Interestingly where I live the tip (sorry recycling centre) is in the extended zone while the rest of the Borough is outside .It was pointed out to the Council that a resident with a non compliant vehicle would have to pay £12.50 to get rid of rubbish and this might encourage fly tipping so could they ask for the tip be excluded. The Council’s answer - we would like the whole Borough included - this would improve our air quality ......
The direction of travel is clear and I am surprised how little media coverage there has been. In some ways we are lucky re the treatment of Historic Vehicles but there is no room for complacency.
Best Wishes DavidA

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Re: Ultra Low Emissions Zone

Post by peterc » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:33 pm

They have wanted to get rid of older diesel vans for ages, even before dieselgate.
By including all vehicles non EU4 compliant they wipe out virtually all the non company car brigade.
The vast majority of Londoners drive older cars as their money is spent on the higher cost of living.
I have no wish to drive within North and South Circulars but appreciate that there are millions of people who have no choice. How long before it then includes everywhere within the M25.
The noose is tightening.
Peter C

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