New IVA manual just released - 10th April

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New IVA manual just released - 10th April

Post by amulheirn » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:05 pm

Looks like there's a new IVA manual. Shame I only just printed the last one out... :( ... m1#history

At a quick glance the differences seem to be:

2B - metered emissions - looks like just a clarification rather than an change

8 - indirect vision - looks like a correction

9B - service brake control - new required standard '28. The service braking system must act on braking surfaces permanently connected to the wheels through components of adequate strength.'

9e - brake performance - just a new note, no new required standards.

16 - exterior projections - just a new note, and a renumbering of required standards.

19 - seat belt anchorages - a rewording, no new required standard.

22 - end outline, side, stop side marker and daytime running lamps - a clarification, no new standard.

29 - reversing lamps - no new required standards. Just a reversal of a previous change making the maximum number of reversing lamps to be 2.

45 - safety glass - just a rewording of the method of inspection (MOI)

50 - couplings - a new required standard: '6. The vehicle structure, to which the coupling is attached and any fixings used, must be of sufficient strength relevant to the coupling fitted.'

69 - electric/hybrid vehicles - not relevant (yet!)

Don't take my word for it though - please have a look yourselves: ... hicles.pdf

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