Hawk 289 from donor car to road car



Stuart Clarke shares his Hawk 289 build experiences with us, the highs and lows and the elation of that first road trip. Enjoy the journey.



Part 1. The Cobra bug and donor cars


Part 2. The Engine


Part 3. Preparing the donor parts


Part 4. Refurbishing the rear axle


Part 5. The Hawk arrives


Part 6 - The Build Commences


Part 7 - Installing the Engine and Transmission


Part 8 - Front hubs, brakes and brake lines


Part 9 - The rear end


Part 10 - Finishing the rolling chassis


Part 11 - Starting the body


Part 12 - The body goes back on!


Part 13 - Time to juice it up!


Part 14 - The coolant system


Part 15 - Lights!


Part 16 - Fitting the windscreen



Part 17 Anyone for Spaghetti? Part (a)


Part 18 Anyone for Spaghetti? Part (b)


Part 19 Anyone for Spaghetti? Part (c)


Part 20 - Fitting a few shiny bits


Part 21 - The exhaust


Part 22 - Finishing off at the back


Part 23 - Finishing touches under the bonnet


Part 24 - Getting ready to turn the key


Part 25 - Fitting the Roll Bar!


Part 26 - Fitting seats and seatbelts


Part 27 - Getting it tested


Part 28 The IVA Test


Part 29 Project Hawk continues...


Part 30 - The Final Frontier!


Mallory Dual Points to Electronic conversion


Hawk front undercarriage overhaul


De clunking your MGB rear axle


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